World Indoor Championships postponed until March 2021

By January 29, 2020

In light of concerns over the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, World Athletics has decided to postpone the World Indoor Championships that were to be held in Nanjing, China from March 13-15, 2020, to March 2021.

“We know that China is doing all it can to contain the new Coronavirus and we support them in all their efforts but it is necessary to provide our athletes, Member Federations and partners with a clear way forward in what is a complex and fast-moving set of circumstances,” World Athletics said in a statement Wednesday.

“The advice from our medical team, who are in contact with the World Health Organisation, is that the spread of the Coronavirus both within China and outside the country is still at a concerning level and no one should be going ahead with any major gathering that can be postponed.”

World Athletics said it considered the possibility of relocating the event to another country and thanked the cities that volunteered to host the championships. “However, given concerns still exist regarding the spread of the virus outside China, we have decided not to go with this option, as it may lead to further postponement at a later date,” it said.

“The indoor season for athletics falls within a narrow calendar window (up to the end of March) and we believe we will be able to find a suitable date in 2021 to host this event. We would like Nanjing to be the host given the extensive planning and preparation they have put into this event,” World Athletics said.

“We have chosen not to cancel the championships as many of our athletes would like this event to take place so we will now work with our athletes, our partners and the Nanjing organising committee to secure a date in 2021 to stage this event.”

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    South Africa's most decorated Olympian turns 28 on Sunday and will still celebrate with the family, but the usual post-Olympics party will have to wait until next year after the Tokyo Games were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Le Clos has been in lockdown for a fortnight following a sharp exit from his Turkish training base, where he had relocated after being forced to leave a camp in Italy amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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  • Coronavirus: F1 will make every effort to maximise season – Andretti Coronavirus: F1 will make every effort to maximise season – Andretti

    Mario Andretti is confident every effort will be made to save as much of the Formula One schedule as possible and would not be against races behind closed doors.

    Nine of the initially planned 22 races in 2020 have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the season now set to get underway with the French Grand Prix in June.

    F1 motorsports chief Ross Brawn said this week he still believes 19 races could be held if the schedule begins in July.

    Andretti, the 1978 F1 champion, has been impressed by the positive outlook and believes initially racing without fans and condensing the weekend to two days would help ensure fewer grands prix are cancelled.

    He told Stats Perform: "I think every effort will be made to try to maximise the season. 

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    "Obviously, you know there's nothing like smelling the race cars go by and feeling being that close. But again, all these races are televised worldwide, that's where the big audience is. Even if the first couple races – I hope not – have to be run with no spectators, so be it. At least we get this thing going. 

    "And then I'm sure that from there we just hope that, all of a sudden, things will open up. The trick for now is to find a way to open the season – that's the key factor here. Everybody's chomping at the bit here. 

    "From a Formula One standpoint, which is basically what I can read and find from Ross Brawn and so forth, they're all remaining very positive. 

    "We have a job to do here and we're just waiting for an opening so we can get started, and once we get started, they're even talking about potentially going into next year to complete as many races as possible. I think the objective is to have at least 15 races but probably even more. 

    "Maybe condense the weekend to a two-day weekend, I think that would make sense obviously because they will be moving in different continents very quickly. 

    "Again, there are just ways of doing things and making things happen. I think the mindset is there and from where I stand, the standpoint of a fan and very much part of the family here, I just love to see that type of positive thinking." 

    A collective of United Kingdom-based F1 teams have been assisting the government with ventilator production in response to the COVID-19 crisis, with Mercedes engineers helping to design a new breathing aide that has been made freely available to fight the outbreak.

    "It's very commendable seeing what Mercedes has been doing on respirators and so forth, which is high technology," said Andretti.

    "To be able to contribute like that is commendable in every possible way. Motorsports have always done... everything they're doing is to be able to help arrive at some solutions here. The contribution is immense."

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